RESPECT | King Tappa – 9 to 5

Respect - King Tappa - 9 to 5

On September 30, 2022, King Tappa released his third studio album titled 9 to 5. This album consists of nine tracks; all recorded at his home studio. Every song was written by King Tappa and is a reflection of his work over a number of years. The title track, for instance, was written nearly a decade ago. When asked why it took so long to release that song, King Tappa says, “I didn’t feel it was ever the right time, and I re-recorded it many times over the past few years just to get it to sound how I envisioned it”

King Tappa says the album is a variety of things because so much has transpired since his last release in 2019. Since his 2019 “Feeling the Vibes” album release King Tappa has performed steadily within the United States and recently came off tour with reggae band Link and Chain from Jamaica. He also gave outstanding performances at the 2021 and 2022 Orlando Jerk Festival and was recently featured on the Freedom Sound Riddim produced by Adrian “Donsome” Hanson. Additionally, King Tappa has released multiple singles over the three years since his last album, including his collaboration with Jamaican artist Bascom X on the 2021 single “Flirting.”

The new album was given much thought as it touched on various topics ranging from relationships to social issues. It features uptempo feel-good reggae music on tracks like “Are You Feeling It” and “Reggae Music” to more serious tones like “Freedom” and “Children are the Future.” King Tappa brings his signature tone and passion on all nine tracks showing his versatility which his audience will surely appreciate.

Various producers produced the album: Mark Walcott and Jim the Boss from the United States, Sinky Beats from Spain, and Y Not Productions from France.


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