RESPECT | Lil Flower Nasti – Bye Bye Boy feat. Z-Man

Respect - Lil Flower Nasti - Bye Bye Boy ft. Z-Man

Try as you might; you can’t put Lil Flower Nasti in a box. This sultry songstress loves dipping her toe in every musical genre giving her music a rare and refreshing quality. The Blooming EP is just the introduction of this character: a conceptual story of her first night out. Paired with the nostalgic golden-age production of UnLearn The World, the singer’s natural neo-soul tendencies wrote what you might call a hip-hop chapter.

The next pages of her artistic journey showcase her ability to sing funk and soul, with two singles, “Beautiful Goodbye” and “How,” with smooth, stylistic production by multi-instrumentalist Vagabond Lover. Her audience eagerly awaits the release of her upcoming Motown record produced by Bay Area Native and prolific producer Gennessee. Lil Flower Nasti’s ability to effortlessly capture the essence of so many different musical genres keeps her audience engaged and waiting with anticipation for her next drop.


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