RESPECT | RCola meets Dubmatix – Jungle Remixes

Respect | RCola meets Dubmatix - Jungle Remixes

“RCola’s rub-a-dub-wise Drum ‘n Bass takes its’ inspirations from reggae & dub, which continue to influence his uplifting production style.”

“Canadian Junglist RCola has amassed a staggering discography and loyal fans worldwide. His multifaceted experience as a producer, re-mixer, and DJ is reinforced by his seemingly instinctive ability to make the best of each vocalist and collaborator.”

“Though he traces his inspiration back to the reggae and dub music from the Sound Systems of Jamaica, RCola’s deep immersion in the up-tempo pace of Drum ‘n Bass continues to inform his patented uplifting Ragga-Jungle production style.”

“His early work as Chopstick Dubplate (2004) put him on the map with his now infamous JA meets UK sound. Working closely with Jamaican singers solidified his reggae-jungle hybrid sensibilities both in the studio and on the Soundsystem.”

“RCola’s full-length album “Rub A Dub Wize” (2009) established him as a bonafide producer in the truest sense; bringing together a variety of artists and sounds to create a modern-day fusion project curated by his omniscient hand at the mixing console.”


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