RESPECT | Kayamandi – Hold Your Horses

RESPECT | Kayamandi & Arky Starch - Hold Your Horses

Kayamandi is a singer-songwriter from Belgium. She used to be the lead vocalist and guitarist in the indie-punk band Cosy Invasion but returned to her musical roots when meeting Arky Starch in 2022 since she grew up years ago in Antwerp between reggae sound systems. There honestly used to be a vivid underground scene that inspired her.

The name, Kayamandi, comes from a township near Stellenbosch, South Africa, where while traveling, she lost her heart in nature and music, discovering and enjoying an astonishing depth of vocal harmonies in gospel and street music.

Together with Arky Starch, she’s been writing and recording autobiographical dub songs, mostly about love.


Hold Your Horses

Hold your horses is about having different expectations after the first night of sleeping together. It’s a slight hit on the brakes, carefully asking for more time for a feeling of trust to grow, not wanting to disappoint one another.