RESPECT | Cal Eternal – Dick Tracy

RESPECT | Cal Eternal - Dick Tracy

Cal Eternal is an American lyricist, singer/songwriter, and guitar player. Originally hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, he has always had a passion for music and self-expression. Growing up in Jersey, Cal was a competitive athlete in multiple sports, an actor, and a baritone in the Princeton High School Choir. These early days of competition and showcasing his talent inspired him to chase his dream of becoming an artist. Most of Cal’s music is rap/hip-hop, but he stresses the importance of being able to express himself as an artist across genres to find the most organic and representative styles and sounds he can.

“If art is about expressing oneself, then why limit your scope and ability to evolve as an artist by framing your music in ways that lack flexibility?”



Cal-E, living and working in Oakland, California, is developing a solo album called “The Audacity of Smoke,” released in 2023. He is also working on his first group album, “All My Rules,” released by the Felonious Music Group (of which he is a member). Cal Eternal is incredibly excited about the future of music and the role he will one day play in the industry. Cal is also tremendously grateful to his Eternalists (supporters), friends, and family. He plans to pay it forward by using his platform to develop community engagement initiatives and mentor younger artists in music and business. You can reach Cal Eternal @DynamicMC on Instagram or via email at [email protected].

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