RESPECT | Asha D & Artikal Band feat. Maylan Manaza – More Love

IRIE | Asha D & Artikal Band

Artikal band is a reggae backing band. Formed in 1995 in Montpellier, France, the Artikal band has already come a long way. The group has been able to forge its experience through unexpected artistic encounters, keeping one and the same objective over the years: always aiming higher! However, one thing remains to be emphasized, the hallmark of the Artikal Band: Efficiency, simplicity, respect, and sharing! And time has not altered these essential values in life or on stage.

In 2016, the band made up of five musicians, celebrated its 20th anniversary: Back on a journey as atypical as it is remarkable, at the heart of the world of Reggae music! Fan of Reggae and the atmosphere of Sound Systems, the Artikal Band made its debut in front of the small screen as an observer.

At the time, young musicians watched Reggae Sunsplash VHS tapes with backing bands such as Sagittarius Band, which accompanied the artists for hours on end. This is the start of a great adventure.

The band then began to work with local artists, Kousi, Netna, and Vybrate, to name a few. Then the meetings followed the productions, with national artists (Tiwony, Straika D, Esy Kennenga) and Jamaicans (Sister Carol, Jah Mali, Ras Shiloh, The Heptones; the list is long!), bearers of the whole Reggae tradition.

Jah Sound, Jamaican Sunrise, Rototom, Summerjam, international tours, and festivals with the big names in Reggae known and recognized for their talent, the group is making a name for itself in the industry.


Since 2010, Artikal Band has accompanied the rising star of French Reggae, YaniSs Odua. Tours, DVD Live, with more than 50 dates per year, including key dates at the Zeniths of Paris, St-Etienne, Rouen, Lille, or even Pau, the band travels through France and Europe, sharing with natural and authenticity, his passion for music.

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