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Honest Music is an up and coming independent record label specializing in roots reggae with a modern twist. The majority of the production is made in-house under the guise of Christos and Darryl ‘Trane’ Burke. The label has released 8 albums and singles by some of the brightest names in reggae.

Initially Honest music began as a means of putting out my own recording’s. As time progressed opportunities arose to work with and produce other artists. This lead to many collaborations as well as the decision to re-release a recording done many years previously with Don Carlos. I always felt that many of the tracks being created had a cinematic feel to them so when approached by Nico from Irie Mag about the upcoming Dread & Alive project it seemed like a perfect fit. The label has always been about creating music that is unique and timeless.

Dread & Alive: Nine Night™

For the soundtrack of Dread & Alive: Nine Night, Mix-media artists, Nico, knew that in order to tell a compelling story about Drew McIntosh, the protagonist from Jamaica, it was important to have a serious soundtrack that personified reggae music and its subgenres. In 2007, Nico was the first comic book artists to introduce a soundtrack with a comic book issue with his award winning series, HITLESS. Nico & Christos’ first meeting in Spain formed the beginning of a friendship which open the doors for collaboration between the artists. After a road trip to Kaya Fest 2018, it was evident that the two artists were destined to work together.

For the Dread & Alive® series, Nico has created a soundtrack series entitled KINDAH. This special collective series will feature original music productions from ZOOLOOK & Honest Music as well as original tracks from select artists representing the reggae community.