Respect | Javier Fonseca

Respect | Javier Fonseca 1

Respect | Javier Fonseca


Javier Fonseca is one half of ALERTA KAMARADA, Colombia’s pioneer Reggae band founded in 1996. Javier Fonseca (Vocals) founded the band along with Pablo Araoz (Bass and Musical Direction) as a counter-cultural response to the historical war.

Born in Colombia, Javier is not only a singer, but also a journalist and an activist! In 2017, Javier Fonseca, along with other artists from Colombia, joined World Animal Protection to make a call to the Colombian population to protect the Pink River Dolphins from being used as bait.

Their goal was to discourage the consumption of Piracatinga fish in the Colombian population, so that a decrease in demand will help to curb the growing market of this scavenger fish and, as a consequence, the use of the Pink River Dolphin as bait. “The Pink River Dolphin is a wonderful being it has magic and mystique. There are a lot of myths about the Pink River Dolphin and it is an important being for the ecosystem of the Amazon and perhaps for the world too, so a campaign like this is super important, because it is for life, it is for the Pink River Dolphin, it is for all of us,” said Javier Fonseca, from Alerta Kamarada.

We met up with Javier at Rototom Sunsplash 2017 and after the week-long festivities, we knew that there was something more to our friendship.

Dread & Alive: Nine Night™

In Dread & Alive: Nine Night, Javier becomes an official comic book character in the series, playing the role of activist as he teams up with Drew McIntosh and Brandy Savage in their fight to protect the rights of all living things, humans, animals and Mother Earth, from the dark forces of Babylon.