RESPECT | Generous Thieves – The Severity of Where We’re Going

RESPECT | Generous Thieves - Morning Light

Generous Thieves

The Severity of Where We’re Going

The Severity of Where We’re Going, the debut EP from newcomers Generous Thieves, is the culmination of an unlikely collaboration. The three-piece band wrote and recorded the five-song offering that blends reggae, hip-hop, and gospel during a time when live music was impossible. The Thieves took advantage of the pause on live music to craft a lyrical tapestry on a wall of deep reggae vibes.

Generous Thieves is a collaboration between JUNO award-winning rapper/keyboardist Devon Martin, producer/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Conroy, and seasoned reggae vocalist/guitarist Sugah Candiah. The three initially came together for a one-off writing session that quickly developed into a full-fledged band. The diverse range of influences brought to the table by each member helps create various genres that define Generous Thieves.


Looking to the future, Generous Thieves anticipate a busy schedule of performances, writing, and recording their first full-length album. So you’re tuned in to the sound of the Generous Thieves.

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