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Esther Sings

I Want To Live

Esther Sings, born Esther Antoine in the Caribbean Country of St. Lucia, is a singer, songwriter, author, entrepreneur, and recording artist residing in New York for the past 20 years.

As a youngster in her homeland St. Lucia, she started singing at the age of eight, heavily influenced by her father, Gregory “Sewaynis” Smith, who was well known for singing and playing guitar.

Esther sang in the Church choir at an early age and sang in a duet with her younger sister as they ministered at various churches around the country. She also sang backup vocals in various small bands at shows and engagements.

On arriving in New York, with the goal of making a better life, she met a producer who owned the production studio ‘African Voice Production (AVP). There she found the opportunity to write and record her own original music of which he still is very much apart of.


Everything was working for this young and vibrant mother until tragedy struck her youngest child. Her baby of 5 months old died in his crib, caused by a fault in the design and manufacturing of the product.

Grieving heavily for her loss, the stress of it all caused the development of two brain aneurysms.

She then had corrective surgeries and, as a result, developed problems in her spine and had to have metal plates inserted.

Writing became her therapy; she authored two books back to back on her experiences, ‘You Left me Broken’ and ‘Surviving a Brain Aneurysm and How it Changed My Life,’ available on Amazon.

Her music writing also uplifted her, and she wrote and recorded four songs, ‘Cease Fire,’ ‘Do My Best,’ ‘If I Ever Love You Up,’ and her latest release titled ‘I want to Live.’

Esther Sings continues to promote her music and her book writing and is being featured on radio stations in the UK, USA, and Jamaica by many DJs who find her music refreshing and honest, touching the hearts of many. In addition, karaoke is an activity she enjoys as therapy for her well-being and, at the same time, strengthens her vocal abilities.

Amidst all the pain and struggles in her life, Esther Sings always reaches out to many needy people by donating to charities in her local community and the wider USA and Africa. She continues to bless others, and in return, she is Blessed. Her music is available on all platforms now!

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