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M. Pres is a singer, songwriter, and impressive lyricist, offering the listener heartwarming melodies and harmonies over original and uniquely composed rhythms in nearly every style of Reggae Music. M. Pres hails from proud Arab American roots and actively stands firm for truth, rights, and justice for the downtrodden in the region. M. Pres grew up in New York, where she began to fulfill her dreams of entertaining and inspiring the world at an early age through music.

In New York, M. Pres found herself exposed to and heavily influenced by Caribbean musical culture while working at one of New York City’s recording studios as its only female engineer there. As one could imagine, she has met and worked with basically every touring reggae artist in the last ten years!

M. Pres has recently transplanted to South Florida and linked up with Big Bus Records Label and Studio. Big Bus Records is a new label on the scene stemming from production team members and musicians hailing from mighty Zion High Productions, Nazarite 4 Life, Quashi International, and 1 Tribe backing band).

IRIE™ | M. Pres - So Jah Say

So Jah Say

Release Date: February 12, 2021

M. Pres has released four singles and one music video with Big Bus Records Label. Her first full-length album, ‘Lift My Voice’, is produced by Nazarite 4 Life and recorded at Big Bus Studios, West Palm Beach, Florida. The album is expected to release mid-summer 2021. Her recent single and video release entitled ‘Prayer’, speaks from the heart of a sufferer, calling out to the Most High for guidance. M. Pres livicated the song to honor the people she equates to as ‘Angels’, that have been by her side as she has gone through her struggles and journey. M. Pres is currently accepting bookings for performances and planning to tour for 2021-2022.

M. Pres is also proud to be a brand ambassador for the Cooyah apparel and Rude Bwoy Spirits brands.

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