IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROOTS - Dread & Alive - Nine Night - The Akan Concept of Evil
2021, June 2021, Roots

ROOTS | Akan Concept of Evil

Dread & Alive: Nine Night™ The Akan Concept of Evil In ZOOLOOK’s Dread & Alive series, to protect their people and their sacred, communal land from evil, Cudjoe and Quaco call on the Gods’ support and the Spirits of their ancestors. The brothers also rely on the abosoms, the lower deities or spirits. Each brother […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROCK - Shinehead
2021, June 2021, Rock

ROCK | Shinehead

Shinehead Herb an’ Music SHINEHEAD is a masterful artist. He is a songwriter and producer who sings, raps, deejays, singjay’s and plays bass guitar. And for the last few years, he’s been spinning vinyl and acetate records on turntables for his custom-built Soundsystem. Born in England and raised in Jamaica and the Bronx, NY, SHINEHEAD […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | REGGAE - UB40
2021, June 2021, Reggae


UB40 Bigga Baggariddim They’re back… UB40, the biggest selling, top touring Reggae band globally, has officially released ‘Bigga Baggariddim’, the follow up to their critically acclaimed and internationally successful 1985 release, ‘Baggariddim’. ‘Bigga Baggariddim’, UB40’s 21st album, is not just an epic collaboration album but a strong confirmation that reggae is universal. The selection of […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Regiane Cordeiro
2021, June 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Regiane Cordeiro

Regiane Cordeiro Correria Regiane Cordeiro is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. In the last three years, she has released three albums and more than ten singles with the bands she has performed with. From 2014 to 2017, she was the vocalist of the band Nyah Live, making her way in Brazilian reggae, and recorded […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Freddy Locks
2021, June 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Freddy Locks

Freddy Locks Healing of the Nation After the release of “Overstand” in 2018, Freddy Locks is back. His new single, “Healing of the Nation,” is officially released today (June 25th). The song brings cannabis to the forefront of the debate of its proven and multifaceted capacity for healing in its use for medical purposes. People […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - M. Pres
2021, June 2021, Respect


M. Pres Prayer M. Pres is a singer, songwriter, and impressive lyricist, offering the listener heartwarming melodies and harmonies over original and uniquely composed rhythms in nearly every style of Reggae Music. M. Pres hails from proud Arab American roots and actively stands firm for truth, rights, and justice for the downtrodden in the region. […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Asher-E
2021, June 2021, Respect


Asher-E Fire Burning Dub The year 2021 started well for the Dutch Asher-E Productions label. In January, they released ‘Uzushi’ by Jhikoman and L’Titude. Soon after, they released King Selassie I We Praise Riddim featuring the following artists; Colah Colah – No Validation, Prince Alla – Mek We Praise H.I.M., Sgt. Juggler – King Selah, […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Silent Nancy
2021, June 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Silent Nancy

Silent Nancy For Those Who Don’t Know A Molocow Cocktail of emotions is thrown in the air in this song, “For those who don’t know’. Katie Burke grabs your heart and won’t let it go until she sings the last tone of this massive reggae/soul ballad. The riddim is actually built upon a reggae riddim […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Mr. Kowalsky
2021, June 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Mr. Kowalsky

Mr. Kowalsky Everybody Nice AIRIE welcomes Costa Rican-born, Paris-based musician Mr. Kowalsky, as he presents his fourth album, ‘Everybody Nice’. Recorded in Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, and Kingston, Jamaica, the album features guest musicians such as Greg Lee (Hepcat), Vin Gordon (Skatalites, Wailers, Studio One session musician), Jamaica’s Jamila Falak, and Boston’s The Doped Up […]