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Healing of the Nation

After the release of “Overstand” in 2018, Freddy Locks is back. His new single, “Healing of the Nation,” is officially released today (June 25th).

The song brings cannabis to the forefront of the debate of its proven and multifaceted capacity for healing in its use for medical purposes.

People who suffer from the most diverse pathologies, such as chronic epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, cancer diseases, Parkinson’s, etc., have used cannabis to alleviate their suffering. Still, in most cases, they have to resort to illicit channels to obtain or import it from other countries where it is already legalized and regulated.

The authorities insist on treating consumers and their families – whose only concern is the health and well-being of their loved ones – as criminals.

The state thus continues with a prohibitive and persecutory attitude towards the consumption of cannabis but manages to have a complacent and collaborative attitude towards big pharma in the scope of the trade of chemical substances, many of them with harmful effects on our health, often unknown in their entirety.

IRIE™ | Freddy Locks - Healing of the Nation

Healing of the Nation

Release Date: June 25, 2021

The video was produced by “Outros Ângulos”. It was filmed at the former Presidio da Trafaria known today as “Prisão Paraíso” and at Quinta Maravilha.

“Healing of the Nation” is a militant roots reggae theme, a style that Freddy Locks has introduced to us throughout his career. This time, he has chosen the theme of legalizing cannabis for its most diverse uses in a call for a movement that gets bigger and bigger and that nobody will be able to stop.

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