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Fire Burning Dub

The year 2021 started well for the Dutch Asher-E Productions label. In January, they released ‘Uzushi’ by Jhikoman and L’Titude. Soon after, they released King Selassie I We Praise Riddim featuring the following artists; Colah Colah – No Validation, Prince Alla – Mek We Praise H.I.M., Sgt. Juggler – King Selah, John Cereal – What Dem Ago Do, and Positive B feat. Robina Souilljee – Be Positive.

In May, they released ‘Hey Dread’ with the Defender Of Reggae Music, Singing Vernon. The release included a Melodica version by Asher-E.

The music was well-received, and they saw the label growing in presence with the number of artists knocking on the door.

On May 28, they released ‘Fire Burning’ with the legendary Rolland Burrell, and on June 4, the dub version with some great Asher-E melodica melodies.

On June 11, they released ‘Raw Diamond’ by Colah Colah featuring Ras Tinny.

Asher-E is known for his Melodica and his identical roots sound. The basslines are stunning with great dub effects but nothing overdone. The backing vocals are mostly done by Robina Souilljee, who gives the productions a warm and solid sound.

For over fifteen years, Asher-E has been working with the Black Star Foundation label from Amsterdam. They will soon release a promising tune titled ‘Football’ with Jah Thunder.

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