IRIE Playlist – April 2024 featuring STONEFRENGE Black in Space

IRIE | IRIE April 2024 Spotify Playlist featuring ZOOLOOK - STONEFRENGE: Black in Space

IRIE Playlist on Spotify

IRIE’s April 2024 edition of RELEASES is here. It features artist ZOOLOOK with his debut album, STONEFRENGE Black in Space. The album is a dub reggae space opera featuring nine original tracks from the multidisciplinary artist and musician. Look for the music videos for each track on his official YouTube Channel:


Artists also featured on the April 2024 IRIE Spotify playlist include Razteria, Cinefuego, David Cairol + Yellowman, Sid Bucknor, and the All-Star Texas Reggae Line-up with Sgt. Remo, Mr. Blacksheep, Ras I-Dre, FyahStar, Kroywen, and Soulfiya, produced by Kutral Dub.

Be sure to check back often as we update the playlists with artist tracks that have become available after the release date of our magazine.

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IRIE Playlist – April 2024