STONEFRENGE: Black in Space


STONEFRENGE Black in Space

A ZOOLOOK Album and Animated Music Video Series

It’s ‘I’fficial! The long-awaited STONEFRENGE: Black in Space was finally released on February 29, 2024, featuring nine original tracks by the multidisciplinary artist and musician ZOOLOOK. The album, a dub reggae opera project, was three years in the making. Six of the nine tracks were mixed and mastered by his great friend and Canada’s premiere Dub and reggae artist and producer, Dubmatix! The JUNO Award Winner also mixed and mastered a dub version of Soul Rebel for ZOOLOOK’s next album project, the Dread & Alive: Concrete Jungle soundtrack.

STONEFRENGE, a word created by ZOOLOOK, represents his creative universe, where art/animation, music, and film come together to offer viewers an immersive experience.

“I’ve been a superfan of rock operas like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, The Who’s Tommy, and Rush’s 2112. Rush’s 2112 album inspired me to create the science fiction rock opera STONEFRENGE: Black in Space.” – ZOOLOOK

Soul Rebel was the first track released back on February 6, 2021. A dub version was also introduced, mixed, and mastered by Dubmatix. STONEFRENGE, the title track, was the next track released (October 30, 2021). It would take a full year before ZOOLOOK’s music started hitting the airwaves. With each single release, ZOOLOOK included album artwork featuring his personal as the Soul Rebel in different space background scenes. For the track, Lost in Space, ZOOLOOK included his partner in music and art, Michelle M. aka Roxanne, on the cover.

On November 13, 2022, Don Letts’ Culture Clash Radio – New Dub Special aired on BBC Radio 6. The Don presented a dub special featuring the likes of Dubinator, Vibronics, O.B.F., Chronixx, Mungo’s Hi Fi, and Cornell Campbell, to name a few. ZOOLOOK would also make the show with a shout-out from the Don himself.

Don Letts - Culture Clash - BBC Radio 6

“You should recognize by now that in the new millennium, Dub culture has become just that, a culture spread by soundsystems that’s gone to inform a shedload of contemporary music like this from ZOOLOOK… Soul Rebel.”

Don Letts, Culture Clash Radio (BBC Radio 6)


Don Letts’ Culture Clash Radio

Zoolook’s music blends multiple genres to create his unique sound, including funk, jazz, hip-hop, dub, and reggae. His sound is evidence of his artistic vision and ability to push the boundaries of reggae and dub music. He has made a name for himself in the genre by enthralling listeners with his contagious rhythms and appealing tunes.