Cienfuego meets Jah City – Selecta Gimme Dat

Cienfuego meets Jah City - Selecta Gimme Dat 1

Cienfuego meets Jah City

Selecta Gimme Dat

In 2020, Cienfuego made his debut as a solo artist, producing his first album, “Dub Expedition” (2020), working with the award-winning producer Walter “Bonnot” Buonanno and the Grammy-nominated singer Kumar Bent.

In 2021, just one year after his first album’s release, Cienfuego first met the dub music legend Hopeton “Scientist” Brown, and together, they worked on the EP “Scientist meets Cienfuego—Mary Jane Inna Dub.” After a few months, he worked with the Jamaican artist and singer Hempress Sativa, producing the music for her single “Scheme” and the last track of the Album “Charka”: “None But Jah.”

Cienfuego also collaborated on releases together with: Junior Kelly, General Levy, Lion D, Awa Fall, Raphael, Earth Beat Movement, Attila, Valter Vincenti, Leo Di Angilla, Michael Hyde and many more.


Jah City is the trademark of the female reggae musician from Uganda, Allen Nakintu, who makes her international debut with the artist and producer, Cienfuego. Jah City comes from the Roots Culture of Reggae, singing around Uganda for over ten years.

She has collaborated with East African Records, Heart Beat Record, Case de Ras IncUganda, and many more.