RESPECT | Django Novo – Silenced (Full Force Crystal Clear Mix)

RESPECT | Django Novo - Silenced

Django Novo

Silenced (Full Force Crystal Clear Mix)

Backward to the Future…

Django Novo boosted his challenge by adding the name Novo to his heavyweight surname. Not being cocky but underlining the humor and pressure in having Django as a birth name, he started his musical career with tunes that reminded more of the 40s and 50s Americana, an area in music history that came before where Amsterdam resident Piet Kuiters, his father, started breaking ground as a bebop pianist playing and staying with acts like Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke, NHöP, Stan Getz and Chet Beker to mention but a few. Jazz is naturally in Django’s blood. There where, however, never any emphasis on music as a path until the age of 20.

And then, the influences of early funk, disco, new wave, and, first and foremost, the band Japan was ruling musical influences. Django became very interested in the visual context but also the dance and the magical implementation of music in ordinary life. A great sense of fantasy and creativity spawned several guitar tunes that would later manifest in what became known as SpaghettiSwing – a blend of crooners, country, and swing music.


Novo goes in every direction and does so naturally, playfully, and without the need to explain or point in any guidance regarding what style or material is the closest to him. He is moving backward into the future by starting his career by playing at venues (as a solo act) such as Oslo Jazz Festival, byLarm, Alta Blues & Soul Festival, and Horten Festivalen, to mention some, without even having a record deal or being presented by anyone. The style was old-style Americana – even though his father was one of the pioneers of the free jazz movement in Europe. Django Novo never distinguished old and new – making it all about musical freedom. He has his own label UMA where he keeps on releasing his music. Novo makes commission work for TV and Film and has released dub/reggae music on Sony Music and Poets Club Records in Germany. Django is currently collaborating with his long-time companion Tov Ramstad, an accomplished cellist, double bass player, and composer.

Django Novo’s music ventures into Ambient, Experimental, Americana, dub, and reggae. The latter will be fully presented on the forthcoming album “Inside Information” – a blend of dub, reggae, and rock. Django Novo lives in Oslo, Norway.

Django Novo’s latest release is titled Silenced (Full Force Crystal Clear Mix), recorded by Django Novo at Hansstudio, Mjøsa, 26/27 of July 2023.