RESPECT | Sirius Flame – Neva Change

RESPECT | Sirius Flame - Neva Change

Sirius Flame

Neva Change

Davide Cozzi was born in Milan in early 2000, and at present, he is the youngest Italian Dancehall Reggae Artist in action.

Sirius Flame is the umbrella name for Davide’s wide-ranging artistic project. He is strictly connected to Jamaican culture by his brother, who enjoyed taking him to live shows and plays from a very young age. Sirius followed in his brother’s steps and eventually got deeper into Dancehall and Reggae music, discovering his talent and passion for singing.

Sirius Flame started at a professional level when he was 17 working on some collaboration with a social project which allowed him to perform multiple times in musical live events in northern Italy.

He moved to Barcelona in 2019, where he started to work on a new personalized dancehall sound influenced by Afrobeat and latin american music.


His first EP ever released is called ‘YOUTH,’ and with this project, he introduced himself to the music world with five songs entirely written by him and mastered by Daddy Cobra.

Recently he dropped his new official video single, ‘NEVA CHANGE.’ The song has a unique flow mixed with old dancehall sound beats.