RESPECT | Arky Starch – Lazy With You feat. Micky B

RESPECT | Micky B and Arky Starch

Arky Starch featuring Micky B

Lazy With You

For fans wondering if Micky B has a soft side because of all the militancy in her music, do no longer be weary. She is back with a silky smooth summer breeze just for you and your loved One!

Micky B and Arky Starch present Lazing for you! Empress life is not an easy life since there are always things to be done, but on those rare moments that we have nothing to do, we just wanna hang with our maaaaaaaaan! 😉


About Micky B

Mireille Boudewijns, aka “Micky B,” is a singer/songwriter and recording artist from Antwerp. Her voice has been recognized by various artists which gave her the opportunity to be the support act for Rebellion the Recaller, Charly Black, Macka B, Cocoa Tea and I-Wayne.

This Turkish/Belgian songstress combines heartical messages and positive vibrations with a touch of militancy. Her sweet vocals and lyrics are her trademark to the point you can call her a modern-day “Griot.” She tells stories as reminders of the past, shares experiences, gives guidance, and preaches oneness wherever she goes.

About Arky Starch

Born and raised in Belgium (Turnhout), Arky Starch is a producer/ bass guitarist who also loves to play guitar and keyboard. Playing bass has always been Arky Starch’s first love. Arky believes that the bass makes you dance or gets you into this hypnotic state which lifts us from reality and relaxes your soul. He specializes in DUB and REGGAE music. His youth wasn’t a bed-of-roses.

His artistic journey began at 19 when his older brother Lowie bought him his first bass guitar in 1994. Membership in various bands followed. During these years, he honed his skills as a bass player and a musician. Along the way, he also collaborated with Heartwash, Sun Flower Crackers, Dread Invasion, and Yosa (home studio) to name a few. Yosa helped to record the first demo and became drummer (Dread Invasion) where Arky played bass. These experiences helped him expand his musical knowledge above and beyond the realms of just bass guitar and composition, harmonization, and the rudimentary components of Roots and Dub. In 2004 Starch began to branch out as an artist, focusing on understanding the use of software, samples, plugins, vst, MIDI, and technology to create complex intricate music.