RESPECT | Arky Starch & Micky B – Gift From Paradise

IRIE | Arky Starch & Micky B - Gift from Paradise

Arky Starch & Micky B

Gift From Paradise

After meeting during recordings with Sista Mika in his home studio, Arky and Ras Mundele got to know each other better. They quickly concluded that they shared the tragic past of becoming widowers at a relatively young age. Arky was left alone with baby daughter Liv and Ras Mundele with toddler Jonas.

This revelation inspired Ras to write ‘Gift From Paradise’ as a posthumous tribute to their deceased wives and as a thank you for the gift they left them through the children. The tangible proof of a love that transcended loss and gave them the strength to never give up in difficult times. This power of care and affection during their single fatherhood later allowed them both to build a new family life.

IRIE | ROCK - Dhazed Fyah

Dhazed Fyah


For the two of them, music, especially reggae, has always been a healing and comforting factor that could always provide positivity in difficult times. With the chords and the lyrics, they worked together to structure the song and fine-tune the instrumentation. They then called on Camels Drop vocalist Dhazed to sing a first version. Without any prior knowledge of Dhazed’s interpretation, Micky B was asked to give it her own on the same instrumental and with the same lyrics.

Arky and Ras proudly present the instrumental version and the end result today. Twice the same story, the same music, and yet two completely different songs in terms of atmosphere, feeling, and vibrations. Enjoy it, be grateful for what life has to offer, and know that giving up is never an option when you are left with a gift from paradise.

Gift from Paradise is dedicated to Liv & Jonas in memory of Chiela Tolibas (1979-2009) and Hilde Donkers (1967-1998).

Gift from Paradise was co-produced by Ras Mundele & Arky Starch, with vocals by Micky B and Dhazed Fyah; the lyrics for Gift of Paradise and keyboards by Ras Mundele. Mixing, recording, and all other instruments were by Arky Starch and mastered by Dubmatix.