REGGAE | IRIE – We Come in Peace (And Love)

IRIE | IRIE - We Come in Peace (And Love)


We Come in Peace (And Love)

Meet IRIE, the virtual reggae band of STONEFRENGE (ZOOLOOK universe), created by multidisciplinary artist and musician Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally as ZOOLOOK. The six-member band consists of two fictional members, Kaya and Leno from STONEFRENGE, along with four actual musicians: vocalists Zoe Mazah and Razaman, bassist and keyboardist ZOOLOOK, and Roxanne on drums. A pioneer of Flash Animation, ZOOLOOK has been developing an original animated series fused with reggae music titled STONEFRENGE, a word he first coined in 2012. For 2024, he is producing a 6 track EP, three original songs with dub versions released for IRIE, which stands for Intergalactic Rebels for Interstellar Exploration.

ZOOLOOK has been preparing the final tracks for his official debut album, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space. This album is scheduled to release on Feb 1, 2024, for Black History/Reggae Month. Once released, he will begin production on the IRIE EP, where he will get to work with reggae artists Zoe Mazah, the Liberian/German singer and songwriter Zoe Mazah who writes soul-infused reggae songs, and Razaman, whose vocals can be heard on three of ZOOLOOK’s singles from the upcoming album: Black in Space, We Come in Peace (and Love) and Natural High, a club favorite.