Irie Magazine | Roots | MLK - Facts an' T'ings
Roots, 2019, January 2019

Roots | Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK… Facts an’ T’ings January 15, 1929 January 15, 2019 marks the 90th birthday of Baptist minister and Social Activist, Martin Luther King, Jr., the prominent voice in the civil rights movement. A champion for advancing civil rights, Martin Luther King, Jr. chose nonviolence and civil disobedience, to address the political and social injustice that […]

Irie Magazine | Rock | Katchafire - Fyah in the Trenches
Rock, 2019, January 2019

Rock | Katchafire

Katchafire Fyah in the Trenches New Zealand pacific roots reggae ambassadors KATCHAFIRE kick off their first 2019 USA tour late this month, around their festival slots on One Love in California and Arizona Roots Festival. All club shows also feature special guests Maui’s irrepressible singer/guitarist Jordan T who has shared many stages with Katchafire, along […]

Irie Magazine | Reggae | Julian Marley
Reggae, 2019, January 2019

Reggae | Julian Marley

Julian Marley As I Am Photography By: Joey Clay International Reggae singer Julian Marley is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of his fourth studio album, ‘As I Am’. Slated to release on January 25, 2019, fans have already received a taste of what’s to come, since pre-orders went live on November 16, 2018. […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Andréia Dacal
2019, January 2019, Respect

Respect | Andréia Dacal

Andréia Dacal Reggae Lady Andréia Dacal is an intuitive artist dedicated to online and live music, singer and songwriter with authentic and original style. She began her career in music and cultural production about 20 years in her hometown of Niterói / RJ. With an autonomous spirit, agile mind and a lot of personality, she […]

Irie™ Magazine | Reggae - Ras Midas
2019, January 2019, Respect

Respect | Ras Midas

Ras Midas The Musical Prophet Written By: Robert ‘Higherman’ Heilman Belgium based Roots Vibration Records is elevating its proper catalogue with two glorious 12″ representations from message music statesman RAS MIDAS’ poignant catalogue. A limited press twin spin releasing on February 22. These timeless anthems from “The Musical Prophet” showcase the Ites, Gold and Green […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Gracie Bassie
2019, January 2019, Respect

Respect | Gracie Bassie

Gracie Bassie Be Yourself Getting her start in her hometown of Durango, Colorado, Grace ‘Gracie Bassie’ Kruse has long been moved by the reggae culture and music by surrounding herself with inspiring influences that have helped her to become the confident yet humble musician/artist she is today. In 2008, Gracie bought her first bass guitar […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Jasai
2019, January 2019, Respect

Respect | Jasai

Jasai Fear Not Multi-instumentalist polymath composer, Jasai, reinvents himself once again to release yet more quality material. Not content with getting on the radio and playing gigs at several established venues, this eager song-writer wants to do it all over again. Perhaps something didn’t feel quite right? Always good to listen to that feeling if […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | DJ Rasfimillia
2019, January 2019, Respect

Respect | DJ Rasfimillia

DJ Rasfimillia Chant A Sound Artist DJ Rasfimillia is based in Vienna, Austria. He started juggling in February 2011 and has been following this passion up to these days to bring reggae, dub and hip-hop music around the people! Selecting this kind of music plays a major part in his lifestyle. Since 2014, he has […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | eQuBe
2019, January 2019, Respect

Respect | EQuBE

EQuBE Your Love is Litt EQuBE is Qutaiba Al Naimi; a music producer, a DJ and a remix artist based in Uppsala Sweden. Bridging the world’s talents one at a time from the furthest corners of the globe. Creating a force of sound by blending the musical skills he comes across with his own. Devoted […]

Irie Magazine | Releases | Jamila Falak
Releases, 2019, January 2019

Releases | Jamila Falak

Releases | January 2019 Jamila Falak – LA AAA ADY! Her name is Jamila Falak and in Jamaica that name is just as uncommon as the upright bass, which she plays. Being both a singer and an instrumentalist are a stark juxtaposition in the portrait of the Jamaican music landscape. But Falak is and that […]

Irie Magazine | Rewind | Seasplash Festival 2019
Rewind, 2019, January 2019

Rewind | Seasplash Festival 2019

Seasplash Festival 2019 Exodus Edition Seasplash Festival is one of the long-lasting Croatian festivals, ideal for all of those who desire great music and relaxed summer vacation right by the sea. Live music, DJs, workshops, Beach Stage are free camping are just some of the thrills Seasplash is known for. This year the festival is […]