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Gracie Bassie

Be Yourself

Getting her start in her hometown of Durango, Colorado, Grace ‘Gracie Bassie’ Kruse has long been moved by the reggae culture and music by surrounding herself with inspiring influences that have helped her to become the confident yet humble musician/artist she is today.
In 2008, Gracie bought her first bass guitar and was taught how to play her bass like a real ‘rootswoman’ with the guidance of Jamaican producer Lincoln Jarrett. From there she formed A-DUB-ROCK Band, opening up for acts such as The Mighty Diamonds and Sister Carol.

Soon after she was performing at Reggae on the River with Marlon Asher and received a call from musical idol Anthony B, asking her to join his band in Kingston, Jamaica whom she toured with until later residing in Kingston and playing with Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith’s ‘Inna de Yaad’ band, backing Max Romeo and his children, at times alongside Legendary drummer Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ (Featured playing drums on Gracie’s new single ‘Be Yourself’) from the famous Jamaican movie ‘Rockers’ and many other talented musicians and artists.

As much as she loved to play bass, she loved, even more, to sing while playing bass, landing her gigs in Kingston and beyond. After a decade of playing live shows and learning how to operate a studio from Colorado to Kingston to the World, this multifaceted ‘bassista’ is excited to release her debut single/production ‘Be Yourself’ under her independent label Gracie Bassie Music, accelerating the previous feel of her relatable 2018 titles ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘People Pleaser’ while turning it up a notch.

Gracie’s sound is a perfectly-blended mix consisting of classic old school dub tributes, her own original sounds and valuable life lessons turned into music.

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