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Andréia Dacal

Reggae Lady

Andréia Dacal is an intuitive artist dedicated to online and live music, singer and songwriter with authentic and original style. She began her career in music and cultural production about 20 years in her hometown of Niterói / RJ. With an autonomous spirit, agile mind and a lot of personality, she has always sought to use the tools and fundamentals of the Creative Economy for the self-management of her authorial work and artistic expression. With this, it counts on the collaboration, partnership and exchange of countless talented musical and artistic producers who contribute their music through the years through the great communication network.

Since 2012, Andréia Dacal is one of the singers and songwriters of the musical catalog of Jamaica ‘Chop Chop Productions’, at the invitation of producer John Marcus. Experienced, fearless and always productive, the artist already adds in her luggage discs, singles, national and international shows. These pursued opportunities one by one along the trail of endurance and commitment to the craft of free expression through music, and the sharing of their creative content independent of the great music industry.

Her latest release is the light and surprising song, ‘Reggae Lady’, featuring music producer, ‘TWIXYMILLIA’. Produced in France by multi-instrumentalist Twixymillia, who was born on the island of San Martin, this riddim crossed the ocean to be versed and recorded in Brasil by Andréia Dacal. The track was organized by Jamaican music producer John Marcus (Chop Chop Productions). ‘Reggae Lady’ is an exciting song that brings the feminine voice and attitude with rich elements of well-represented Reggae.

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