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Releases | January 2019

Jamila Falak – LA AAA ADY!

Her name is Jamila Falak and in Jamaica that name is just as uncommon as the upright bass, which she plays. Being both a singer and an instrumentalist are a stark juxtaposition in the portrait of the Jamaican music landscape. But Falak is and that carries with it diverse meanings ranging from heaven, to outer space, limitless and orbit but the one that may be most befitting to Jamila Falak is ‘beautiful star’.

Jamila Falak… singer, songwriter, creative musician releases her debut music video titled ‘LA AAA ADY’ directed by GD Films.

‘LA AAA ADY’, produced by the legendary Mikie Bennett, Jamar ‘Sonovic’ Roberts and Jamila Falak at Grafton Studios, is featured on an all female compilation album Big Woman Tingz.

‘LA AAA ADY’ is also featured on the soundtrack of the new hit film, ‘Jacqueline and Jilly’, executively produced by three-time Emmy nominated producer, director, writer and actress Victoria Rowell more popularly known as ‘Drusilla Winters’ from the Daytime Emmy Award winning soap opera the ‘Young and the Restless’.

In the music video, you can see Jamila Falak being pushed on a hand cart by a male figure while she confidently sings that she’s a LA AAA ADY! The song and music video seeks to promote empowerment, positivity, confidence, respect and love for women in society.

Watch Jamila Falak’s ‘LA AAA ADY’ on Youtube: