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Xana Romeo, a.k.a. the ‘Dub Empress’, is back with her newest release, ‘Rate Rasta’. Xana’s Romeo’s first appearance in IRIE was on the cover of the February 2015 issue.

Xana Romeo was born Azana Makeda Smith on August 26, 1994, in a small community called Greenwich Town, in Kingston Jamaica. She is the youngest daughter of reggae veteran Max Romeo. Xana has been playing around with music her entire life but recently, in 2014, decided to make it her career choice. Choosing her musical path with conviction, Xana has become a fast rising Roots, Dub Reggae artist. Her talents stem much further than singing though, as she also writes her own songs and is heavily involved in the business side of the industry too. Xana Says;

“I look up to my dad as an idol in the music business as he is the one who inspired me to sing music for the people. He’s the only person that I not only know his substantial music catalogue but also his way of life and I can say from my heart that he lives a life that one can copy from… close to the teachings of His Majesty.  I prefer to sing for the purpose of the message in my music. I don’t want the public to get lost in the voice and forget about the message. When someone listens to a Xana Romeo’s song, I want them to feel cleansed, inspired and for them to learn, not just to feel excited from my sound.”

Xana is the manager of her father’s business, Charmax Music Enterprise, which includes the Red Ark Recording Studio and Charmax Music label. This is where all her tracks are recorded, mixed, mastered and produced. Xana is a very artistic individual who enjoys creating her own art, paintings, and drawings etc., in her spare time. She has a love for African fashion and plans to release her African Print Clothing line in the future. Photography is also an interest of Xana. She never leaves home without her camera. Xana continues to gain more public attention using her words and unique sound as she lights up the airwaves on a huge scale.

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