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Rominal was born Ronaldo Zidane Azizzi Smith on the 20th of May, 1999, in Greenwich Town in Kingston Jamaica. Rominal is the last child of reggae veteran Max Romeo. Rominal began his musical journey back in 2005 at the age of 6, when he recorded his first song ‘Singing the blues’ with his brother Romario, and sister Azana (Xana Romeo) as a trio called ‘My Kidz’. The song received great response from their family, friends and the people in their community which gave him the boost of confidence to record more songs like ‘Baby Girl’ (2007), ‘We Need More Love’ (2008), ‘DreamBoy’ (2008), ‘Chase The Devil’ (2009), ‘Murder’ (2010), ‘Whats Wrong With The World’ (2010) and ‘Kidz Are People Too’ (2010).

After 4 years without recording or composing music, Rominal started to experience changes as he and his brother grew to be different individuals. Their interest in different types of music start to evolve, and for Rominal, Roots/Dub/Reggae was his calling. Influenced by producers such as Jallanzo Multi Talented (DubTonicKru), Calvin Firsteye Bennion, Bunny Striker Lee, Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby and King Jammys, Rominal started to compose his own instrumentals. With the aid of his father, Jallanzo and Calvin, Rominal’s music changed from a childhood dream into reality. Rominal says,

“My father is my idol, he is my light, he is my guide. He is the reason why I chose music. His examples along with a strong influence from my mother and lessons coming from Jallanzo and Calvin all helped my progression. These positive influences played the most important role in my music. I started to go beyond singing to playing instruments such as piano and the drums and arranging my own tracks, including some tracks for my sister, Xana Romeo.”

‘Grow my Dread’ is the first release for Rominal as a solo artist. This song speaks about Rominal being given the chance by his father to find his way of life and choose it whether or not people accept him. 

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