The Membranes Meets Lil-Obeah – Nocturnal Dub (Remixes)

IRIE | The Membranes Meet Lil-Obeah - Nocturnal Dub Glitch

The Membranes Meets Lil-Obeah

Nocturnal Dub (Remixes)

“The interview in London Town with Simon Tyszko (bless you, David Ellis & Julian Firth, for the introduction) inspired me to create this Dubstance – Greatest Misses compilation. I realized people need to listen to some of my best songs from the last three years of constant musical discipline. Some of my proudest moments include the three radio show themes for Everyday Is Halloween, Devils Jukebox, and the PostPunk Dubby Party. Meeting Dub Colossus, Transglobal Underground, Marius Costache & Petru Birladeanu has been a blessing.” – Lil Obeah


About Lil Obeah

Lil Obeah is a curator, musicologist, art director, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in radio, music, and visual art. His portfolio includes multi-media projects as diverse as Creionetica, Tunesinourheads, Abator Industries, Crowd Control, Black Rhino Music & Radio, and A4Activism. Bucureci was a collaborator of Radio Guerrilla and Electronic Beats by Telekom and is a graduate of architecture, art, and design.