The Chronicles of ZOOLOOK


Back on September 9, 2004, Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally as ZOOLOOK, teamed up with UK-based Naked Penguin Boy Ltd. to create TGSNT Miniball, a Flash-based foosball game as part of a viral marketing campaign to introduce the return of The Greatest Story Never Told Flash storytelling competition, T.G.S.N.T. II. Miniball became an viral hit with fans watching Euro 2004.

TGSNT Miniball, launched on during Euro 2004, featured ZOOLOOK’s fun-loving Cavedudez squaring off for a friendly game of stone-age football. TGSNT Miniball became a viral hit with fans watching Euro 2004. After watching their country perform in the tournament, they would go to the TGSNT website and play a game or two of foosball. Game enthusiasts could choose between 1 or 2-player modes, with the first cavedude to score five goals to win the match.

ZOOLOOK, founder/producer of TGSNT and FlashTV, said, “In producing TGSNT, we wanted to add some fun to the event by introducing a new Cave Dude for each year the storytelling competition was held. For the 2nd annual event, we introduced our newest Cavedudez, Kaya, and gave the Cavedudez something fun to do: Miniball!”

Greg Heasley, Interactive Director of Naked Penguin Boy Ltd., said, “I think what makes this game work virally and why it is so popular is that it’s based on such a classic real-world game, it’s entertaining to play and a great game to challenge your friends. Although the Atlantic separated us for the project’s duration, it all moved smoothly. ZOOLOOK is doing a great job with TGSNT, and we’re delighted to be involved in it.”

ZOOLOOK formed a relationship with Bonzini USA, makers of the The B90 Classic Blonde model foosball table, and designed a custom Rockers F.C. table featuring Kaya and Leno from STONEFRENGE. Together with Web Designer Magazine (UK), the presented an foosball giveaway in celebration of TGSNT Storytelling Competition.

IRIE | ZOOLOOK & Bonzini - Rockers F.C. Foosball Table

ZOOLOOK also released the single, T.G.S.N.T., to launch the storytelling competition, along with a remix version featuring a higher tempo.


IRIE | TGSNT I - Flash Storytelling Competition


Flash Storytelling Competition

The origin of STONEFRENGE began on October 15, 2003, during ZOOLOOK years as a Flash pioneer and guru in the Flash community. ZOOLOOK had just launched T.G.S.N.T. (The Greatest Story Never Told), a flash storytelling competition designed to encourage and promote storytelling using FlashMX 2004. At the time, he was in his 3rd year of producing FlashTV, a website and brand he created that became the premier site for emerging artists, animators, and filmmakers who embrace FlashMX as their authoring tool for creating original, compelling stories.

ZOOLOOK launched FlashTV under the URL on July 20, 2001, with forty original flash-animated stories by some of the top animators in the world. His hosting partner was MediaTemple, the bad boys of web hosting for creatives. As a result, FlashTV would rack up countless awards and honors from the Flash community. It would also become the firestarter for T.G.S.N.T.

With the full support of Media Temple and their Media Strategist, Jason McVearry, ZOOLOOK challenged Flash storytellers by giving them three months to produce an original story using FlashMX or any 3rd party software that exports to the .swf platform. Their story had to be an original idea based on one of the twenty genres of FlashTV. He opened the competition to novice and advanced Macromedia Flash animators and filmmakers worldwide. The festival would thrive for five successful years until a quiet war between Apple and Adobe erupted regarding the future of Flash on iPhones. The verdict was that Apple would go with HTML5 and abandon any hope for Flash in the future.