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Be afraid. Be very afraid.

QUACO or Kwakú, the Akan name given to a male born on a Wednesday is a powerful Obeahman, or Shaman (sorcerer). Like his brother, CUDJOE, he is immortal. Born among the Maroons of Jamaica, Quaco ruled over the Cockpit Country alongside his brother Cudjoe. As the feared Obeahman, Quaco used his powers of Obeah (malevolent sorcery; black magic) to ward off their enemies and to protect their freedom. His powers allow him to control both the living and the dead. As a master of Obeah, he has the ability to raise the dead, giving life to zombies. When choosing his victim to do his bidding, he always selects the bad man with the most vicious qualities.

Through Obeah, Quaco can steal a person’s shadow and use it to cause great harm or even death. He can shapeshift, changing his physical appearance at will, from human to animal. He has been known to mimic mythical creatures, assuming a form of different animal parts to make himself grotesque in appearance.



Release Date: January 6, 2019
Label: ZOOLOOK / Dread & Alive™ Series
Copyright: 2019 ZOOLOOK
Total Length: 4:01
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Dub Reggae

Over time, Quaco had become restless with his brother, whom he felt had become weak and too benevolent with the enemy. Quaco believed that they were powerful enough to destroy their enemies and that it was now time to make them pay for their crimes. But when an unprovoked attack by Quaco on the enemy is reported, Cudjoe confronted Quaco about his actions. Quaco responded defiantly, displaying his magic as the two brothers fought in front of the council. Cudjoe got the best of Quaco, conjuring enough good magic (Myal) to repel his brother’s magical powers. When the dust settled,
Quaco was stripped of his amulet and left horribly disfigured by Cudjoe’s magic. Banished from Accompong, Quaco was exiled to Windors Cave. Quaco has vowed divine retribution against Cujdoe and his people. Consumed with hate for his brother, Quaco has abandoned his Akan name, taking the alias, Shadowcatcher.

Summoning the spirit of Sasabonsam, the Ashanti Devil, SHADOWCATCHER has now entered a realm where there is no return. His pact with the Sasabonsam will lead him on a terrifying quest, one that will plunge mankind into total darkness… a world of Babylon.

Shadowcatcher will not only attempt to destroy CUDJOE and take back his amulet, but he will also seek to possess the soul of Drew McIntosh and enslave him for eternity.

Dread & Alive: Nine Night

In February 2021, ZOOLOOK will celebrate Black History / Reggae Month with the release of chapter 1 titled, Hide Your Soul, part 1. The release will include an original soundtrack to accompany the story arc. Each graphic novel will be numbered as part of a Collectors Edition and signed by ZOOLOOK. To pre-order your copy today, visit the Merch store links below. LINK | LINK |

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