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In Dread & Alive: Nine Night, ComiXstand is one of the key settings in the series. ComiXstand is the local comic shop owned and operated by Nico, Roxanne, and Rodney. More of a comic book lounge, ComiXstand is where the neighborhood nerds, blerds, and geeks come to get their comic fix… in particular, indie comics. In Nine Night, ComiXstand will become a place of refuge against the onslaught of zombies and duppies.

In reality, ComiXstand is an online platform for indie comic creators worldwide.

ComiXstand was created as an open community for comic creators looking to share their works with the world. ComiXstand provides comic creators with a web presence to display their comic series.

ComiXstand also offers marketing opportunities like monthly news submissions for comic creators to update and broadcast the latest news including work-in-progress, regarding their series.

Formed in 2006, Nicholas Da Silva aka ZOOLOOK developed ComiXstand as a web-based comic book distribution platform to promote and distribute his creative work along with other independent comic book artists looking for distribution.

At the time, there was really only one option for comic book distribution, Diamond Comic Distributors. And trying to come up with DCD’s minimum order threshold to be even considered for distribution was a serious nightmare for independent artists and independent publishers.

In 2010, ComiXstand made its first appearance at Long Beach Comic-Con, where they had a booth setup to showcase a group of independent comic creators. All the artists presented sold comics to the attendees. One of the highlights included hanging out with Thomas Jane (The Punisher – 2004) who was present at the Raw Studios booth across from ComiXstand to promote their graphic novel project, ‘Dark Country’. ComiXstand got a special invite to see a private screening of the film based on the graphic novel.

It’s 2020, and ComiXstand is back! ZOOLOOK has relaunched the comic platform to support indie comic creators worldwide. The new website features an updated logo designed by ZOOLOOK and an online store for purchasing comics and merch from the creators.

ComiXstand is a great alternative for indie comic creators who don’t have a website but want to have a custom URL to promote their series.

There are three types of memberships to choose from: BASIC ($49), STANDARD ($99), and PREMIUM ($149). Each membership is a one-time fee. Some of the cool perks included with membership include having a store listing to sell your comics, including apparel and posters. The best part is that ComiXstand handles the fulfillment of all orders to the customers and fan. ComiXstand offers a revenue split of 70% (Creators) / 30% (ComiXstand) on all order purchases through the site.

Comic creators who sign up for any of the three memberships can submit news and updates about their series and ComiXstand will publish it in the ComiXstand monthly newsletter.

ComiXstand also plans to launch a special comic book playlist curated by ZOOLOOK on Pandora and Spotify to promote the comic creators and their series.

Some of the comic creators featured on ComiXstand include:

Open World Comics ‘Tech Watch

Z-Star Comics ‘Vessel

Rodney Buchemi’s ‘Tatsumo Ishihara

Robert Mailer Anderson & Zack Anderson’s ‘Windows on the World

ZOOLOOK’s ‘Dread & Alive

IRIE invites all indie comic creators to take a stand and join ComiXstand today! Join ComiXstand!

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