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We Will Rock You

To celebrate the release of his debut album, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space, multidisciplinary artist and musician ZOOLOOK will announce his first NFT drop for his Rockers FC series next month to celebrate Black History and Reggae Month.

It’s no secret that the Brazilian-American artist is a superfan of football. In 2002, as a Macromedia Flash pioneer, ZOOLOOK launched TGSNT, a.k.a. The Great Story Never Told, the biggest Flash storytelling competition presented by his FlashTV site and TV show. For the first year, he created a mascot, a lonely Cavedude named Leno. The competition was a significant success, and for season II, ZOOLOOK secured over 50 prize sponsors. He also introduced the second mascot, Kaya, the Rasta, and a flash foosball game, TGSNT Miniball, with partner Naked Penguin (UK). The foosball game was the most played online game due to its addictiveness and would garner ZOOLOOK his second Macromedia Site of the Day award honors. The game and the Cavedudez would become an internet sensation with Euro 2004 fans, generating millions of plays while the 2004 UEFA European Football Championship was in session. Three more Flash competitions would take place while ZOOLOOK continued his work on developing his Cavedudez animated property. In 2007, the Rockers FC was born.

On February 1, 2024, ZOOLOOK will do his first of 3 NFT drops, making the Rockers FC team available for bidding on a single 1-of-1 NFT. The first drop will feature the 25-member co-ed squad of Cavedudez and Cavebettiez dressed in their home kit.

ZOOLOOK has also put together a special Spotify Playlist featuring one track for each member of Rockers F.C.


Rockers F.C. Playlist

Rockers F.C. (rŏk′ərz ĕf sē)

Founded in 2007, Rockers FC is the official football club of the Cavedudez of Stonefrenge.

Rockers F.C.


Rockers F.C.


Rockers F.C.


Rockers F.C.


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