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Phoenix Lights

Highest Conspiracy is Multidimensional Music… comparable to a UFO Or A Bigfoot sighting that leaves an everlasting imprint engraved in your BRAIN!!

Bringing light onto a dark world with inspiring, conscious music. Highest Conspiracy debut album, ‘Reality and Dreams’, features the melodic flavor of Reggae/Jazz/ Blues music mixed with the gravitas of a JFK speech and more soul than a Baptist church.

Highest Conspiracy started with Taide and Casper. Both members were in different projects at the time but both wanting to start something fresh and new. They wanted the band name to project their vision and mentality. They feel there’s more good out in the world to be discovered. They want their listeners to think outside the box and be inspired to do the impossible in a positive way.

Current band members of Highest Conspiracy include Taide – Vocals/ Guitar, Casper – Vocals, Steve – Bass Guitar, Matty Mat – Drums, Arien – Vocals / Percussion , Eddie – Lead Guitar, Ken – Trombone, Brian – Saxophone, David – Saxophone and Kris – Trumpet.

As founding members, Casper and T lead the way with their strong lyrics and direction. Casper Lomayesva, lead vocals & bass, cites 20 years in the music business to his grandfather, Sankey Lomayseva, as having the biggest influence on his life and music. Casper’s lyrics are a reflection on his own life philosophy, and influenced not only by the sounds of crucial reggae music, but traditional Hopi culture as well.

T, aka Taide Pineda, started playing music in high school after being inspired by a friend’s band at a local gig.

Ken Levine started in Vegas & backs Highest Conspiracy with his trombone and vocal talents. He loves soulful, passionate music of all styles that leads him to play many different genres.

David ‘Big Worm’ Moore began playing saxophone in grade school and expanded his repertoire into college playing with some of the all-time Nashville Jazz greats.

Highest Conspiracy have been keeping themselves very busy in 2018.

On March 27, 2018, Highest Conspiracy’s ‘Burning on fire’, made the cut on the release of MX vs ATV All Out, from developer Rainbow Studios, is the next step in this evolution across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC.

Highest Conspiracy followed that up with the release of the official music video for their song, ‘420’.

They are currently working on a new music video for the song, ‘In Another Lifetime’.

Together, Highest Conspiracy hope to leave a legacy of great music that inspires people and makes them move! They hope to expand their experiences in music and make meaningful contributions to the art form. Learning from the greats, they are extremely motivated and excited to be a part of The Highest Conspiracy and looking forward to placing their mark on the scene!

IRIE Magazine invites you to discover Highest Conspiracy today! Maaad Love & Respect!