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Bruno Natty

Conquering Lion

Photography By: Luã Borges

Bruno Natty’s musical journey started during his childhood at the age of 10. Influenced by his mother, he began learning how to play the guitar. At the age of 14, Bruno formed his first band, a Rock band. He also began to develop as a composer. His relationship with Reggae music emerged during his adulthood when he moved to the Bahia countryside of Chapada Diamantina. It is here that he met the musician, Ito Rasta, and started to take a deepen undertanding into the Rastafari philosophy and learn more about the Reggae music which he had listend to since childhood together with his brother. In 2005, he would eventually form his first Reggae band, ‘Natty Jah’, which performed in multiple festivals in the city.

A few years later, Natty returned to Salvador, the capital, due to a lack of employment and discrimination because he was now a Rastaman with dreadlocks. In 2005, with a big influence on Rap, he formed a group called C.O.N.E. (Against Oppression of Enslaved Black ) in Lençóis, Brazil. In 2009, he formed another group with Mr. Jack and MC CS in Salvador which started performing in the capital´s suburbs. Bruno Natty’s passion for Reggae continued to grow stronger and that’s when he met guitarist, Paulo Brown and percussionist, Everton Papel. In 2012, he formed his second reggae band, ‘Raízes Rebeldes’, and from then on, he devoted himself to the rhythm of Jah. In 2013, the band performed at the capital and even recorded an album. In 2015, Bruno decided to pursue a solo career and released his first single, ‘Ozem Lion’. The song had a focus on Africanity because the lyrics were from the ancient scriptures and some African dialects were used to compose a chant of praise to Jah Rastafari. In 2015, he released his EP with 6 songs, titled ‘Raízes Rebeldes’, in honor of his old band.

The year 2017 had a big impact on Bruno Natty’s career. In January, he released the CD ‘JAHm Session Inna Zion Gate’, which was recorded live at Zion Gate Studio. In May, he launched a new version of his song, ‘Leão Conquistador’, in collaboration with Iklab and Atilahman.

Still in May, he launched his first music video for the song, ‘Escravidão’. It was a collaboration between IntelDiploHIM Productions, Paulo Guedes and Zion Gate Studio. In the video, they tried to show a vision of Salvador´s city, reflecting about the daily life on the suburbs.

In September, in collaborated with Dollar Lab Records and released the song, ‘Justiça’.

In November, he released the song ‘Tempo de Compreender’ in collaboration with LK Lab and Fã de Reggae. He also released his second music video for the song ‘O amor é o Poder’.

Today, Bruno Natty continues to perform in Salvador and is currently recording another music project that will include a mix of Rap, good sound and strong lyrics.