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Jimi Jah – Mandela

Celebrating Madiba’s Birth Centenary

There are human beings who stand out by the way they gave their lives to a cause. Mandela is undoubtedly one of them!

His uncompromising attitude toward injustice and his courage to act according to what he believed to be right, made him reach the unattainable and generate a wave of emotional enthusiasm that echoed through the four corners of the world.

More than self-glorification, he had always sought to inspire the world by his example of life, and this is what this music intends to do – to remember the legacy and to praise its message of peace, resilience, and reconciliation, which will always be remembered throughout the history of Mankind.

Madiba, as he was known by his friends, wished to uplift everyone around him. He also knew happiness was only real when shared.

In ever more complex times, the world needs to be inspired by such examples of leadership that bridge for peace.

Today we are all Mandela! This is my small contribution. Music can also raise us higher.


Jimi Jah is a Portuguese artist heavily influenced by the musical culture of Jamaica. The first original works appeared in 2011 when an uncontrollable force took over his creativity, and he gave in to the need of using the music to project and share his inner world.

With the Jamaican fire and the Portuguese melancholy, Jimi projects a wide range of feelings in his tracks, always seeking a strong and coherent balance between sound and content.

Amongst some highlights of his path are the concert in the main stage of Musa Cascais 2014 Festival and his award victories in both editions of Mash Dem Up Clash Singer.

In 2016, he traveled through Brazil where he discovered, explored and absorbed intrinsically Afro-Brazilian music, which inevitably influenced his own musical expression in a contagious way.

For 2018, Jimi Jah promises to launch several new themes in partnership with various Portuguese producers, such as Sali Rosário, Asher Guardian, Da Lion, KnD, Miguel Campos, Mystic Fyah, among others. A mystical musical journey between various contrasting styles, from New Roots to Digital Dub, through Dancehall and Afrobeat, which Jimi will share with the world, as he is ready to unlock the box where he has kept at least a dozen of originals all to himself.

Mandela (Lyrics)

Freedom Fighter
You know seh di man ah real Peace Warrior
Freedom Fighter
Celebrate di life of di man Mandela

Inna 18 of July of 1918
Inna South Africa was born a new king
He came to do something di world neva seen
The love and the truth di newborn came fi bring

Inna age of 21 he went to university, and
Nah had time fi finish di deegre beca’ him
Stood up fi di truth, he spoke righteously
And him got expelled for being him unruly

Took flight fi di capital, di big big capital city
A lot racism and hate him a see
A lotta far right supporters him a see
And he just couldn’t deal with so much iniquity

He become a part the party ANC
Fight fi di people and dem equality
But di government was afraid of his popularity
And tried fi him stop real speedy

But di man ah real

Freedom Fighter
You know seh di man ah real Peace Warrior
Mi tell you seh
Freedom Fighter
Celebrate di life of di man Mandela