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Dutch singer-songwriter Tjerk Schoonheim has been active in music ever since 1992. After many different music projects Tjerk decided to form his roots reggae band ‘Tjerk & Liquid Sunshine’ in 2014.

He got in touch with some great session musicians and very soon after they started to rehearse. After the first live shows they received an invitation for the famous Dutch music festival called Zwarte Cross. Tjerk Schoonheim wrote many great songs in the past but he never released them.

Recently he decided to record some of these songs for his brand new album titled ‘8’. No compromises and only good vibes.

Where You Gonna Run To

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Release Date: September 5, 2019
Label: SMG/Walboomers Music
Copyright: 2019 Walboomers Music
Total Length: 10:47
Total Tracks: 2
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

On September 5, 2019, Tjerk & Liquid Sunshine released the song, ‘Where You Gonna Run To’ as a single with a bonus dub version. This single tells the story about a princess that turned out to be a toad instead. She had a grip on a young man, who had the illusion he still had not found himself and his direction in life completely.

He felt incomplete, divided in search of his missing personal link and his own meaning of life. All that is divided is easily to be controlled. But control with misguided judgements lead to the bad roads, joyriding with a broken clutch. Living in a fantasy world with a fantasy imperium is incredibly hard.

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