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August 2019 marked 400 years since Africans were brought to the Americas and the Caribbean Islands to be slaves, under brutal human conditions, to help built the so-called new world, and for the economic benefit for European capitalism. Africans will never forget those old slavery days, when we were forced to accept madness as gladness, and our future was pregnant with disaster.

Since the emancipation of slavery until this time, African people are not much better off. At this moment in our history, Africans at home and abroad are still trapped in a new form of mental slavery; it is known as neocolonialism. The definition of neocolonialism: The economic and political policies by which a great power indirectly maintains or extends its influence over other areas or people. In this world of injustice which determines the character of humanity, we are experiencing suffering as virtue, cruelty as moral, and the thirst for knowledge as a danger.

African brothers and sisters: If we are serious about achieving true independence, we have to educate ourselves about who we are as a people. We must continue the struggle for freedom, love, and unity. It is time for us to wise up, to rise up, and to rebuild the brotherhood of humanity. We must never give up the fight. JAH Guidance.

‘400 Years In The Wilderness’ by Ras Midas. From the album ‘Rain and Fire’; produced by Harry Johnson for Harry J Records, 1978. Listen on Youtube:

Album Credits: Drums – Sly Dunbar; Bass -Robbie Shakespeare; Guitars – Chinna Smith, Mickey Chung; Keyboards – Wire Lindo, Ansel Collins, Winston Wright; Piano – Gladdy Anderson; Percussion -Mabrak; and Background Vocals – The I-Threes – Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt.

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