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Tássia Reis


Born in Jacareí, in the interior of São Paulo, Tássia Reis began her artistic life in her teen years, performing in a group of Urban Dances. In 2009, realizing that her path was directly connected to music, she began to compose and, three years later, she took to the stage, forming a partnership with Rashid, AXL, Mental Abstract and Marcelo D2. At the age of 20, she moved to the capital and went into the studio to record the song ‘Meu Rapjazz’. She launched the song on the internet, follwed by a music video that received almost 500,000 views on Youtube (

In 2014, she debuted her first EP, the self-titled ‘Tássia Reis’. The EP featured hits like ‘No Seu Radinho’ and ‘Good Trip’, and established Tássia Reis as a singer on the national stage.

In September 2016, she released her second album, ‘Outro Esfera’, which featured seven solid tracks. The album was voted onto the Best of the Year lists by Rolling Stone, Billboard, UOL and the RedBull portal.

Tássia Reis has just released a music video for the track ‘Ouça-Me RMX’, which translated means… ‘Listen to me!’ ‘Ouça-Me RMX’ is from her second album, ‘Outro Esfera’.

In the video, Tássia is accompanied by Karoline Lima and Mateus dos Anjos. ‘Ouça-Me RMX’ was directed and choreographed by Bruno Barbosa and Livia Mafrika.

“In such sad times that we live, it is necessary to feed the soul so that the hopes are kept alive.” Angela Davis said that “when the black woman moves, the whole structure of society moves with her.” “I say
and I repeat that, to whoever hurts, the revolution will be firm!” she concludes.

IRIE invites you to watch ‘Ouça-Me RMX’!