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Silkki Wonda

Kingston born Ricardo Lynch is not just an artist, but also a songwriter. The high- energy lyrical artiste has an unusual way of delivering music which immediately has an effect on his listeners.

Silkki Wonda’s passion and interest in music has thrived since his high school years but professionally for seven years. The artiste felt he had a voice and wanted to express this through his other creative side; music.

Die Without Shaydz

IRIE™ | Silkki Wonda - Die Without Shaydz

Release Date: August 23, 2019
Label: Black African Museum
Copyright: 2019 Silkki Wonda
Total Length: 44:45
Total Tracks: 12
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

Two of his major influences are Teflon, Producer of Zincfence Records and Silkki Wonda’s older sister Ronica. His conscious lyrics and refreshing melodies mixed with his unique vocals lend to the powerhouse that his music is.

Silkki Wonda has performed at major shows such as: ‘Chronixx Live’ at Skyline, ‘Midnight In Kingston’ with Ake Beka, and others. Silkki Wonda recently released his first album, ‘Die Without Shaydz’. Silkki Wonda will also be featured on the Great Riddim, an upcoming project.


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