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Singer, songwriter, musician Saritah (sa-REE-ta) is on a worldwide musical mission to uplift, inspire and heal. Bursting with an organic sound that is a uniquely feminine blend of reggae, roots and acoustic flavors, Saritah has a relentless passion for inspiring people to live their purpose and to follow their dreams. Born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in Perth, Australia, and currently based in California, Saritah calls the world home. Equally inspired by the beauty of the planet we live on and the overwhelming realities that face humanity on a day-to-day basis, her songs are celebrations, revelations, invocations, affirmations.

Her long-awaited new single HERE WE STAND, produced by Mista Savona (whose groundbreaking ‘Havana Meets Kingston’ project dropped earlier this year) dropped on November 22. HERE WE STAND is an anthem for Mother Earth; a plea and a chant to action for people worldwide to stand up today and protect the only home we have. The catchy one-drop roots tune is already receiving a great deal of attention from industry and fans alike.

Together with a stunning video filmed and edited in Aotearoa (New Zealand) by Mãori filmmaker Rongotai Lomas (who edited the feature film Trudell), HERE WE STAND is a response to the current onslaught of pollution and destruction that big business is inflicting on land and water across the planet, and the indigenous-led worldwide movement to protect what precious life is left.

Equally at home fronting a full band on the big stage with an audience of thousands as she is with an acoustic guitar in front of an intimate crowd, Saritah has a positive vision for the future that shines through every word she sings and every note she plays. Her music is universally appealing, and is equally and enthusiastically embraced by all walks of life. A festival favourite with her infectious, beaming smile and colourful, energetic live shows, Saritah has graced the stages of some of the world’s most renowned musical gatherings and stages.

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