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Don Carlos

Don Carlos (born Euvin Spencer) Legendary Reggae Artist – Born and raised in one of the most deprived regions of Western Kingston, Jamaica, in a district known as Waterhouse, which incidentally is also a musical spawning ground for many of Reggae’s greatest ever talents, such as King Tubby, an original member of Black Uhuru, The Jays, Junior Reid and King Jammy to name a few, Don Carlos started his singing career back in 1973, as one of the original members of the aforementioned roots vocal group Black Uhuru. He played a prominent role in the recordings of the highly acclaimed Love Crisis album, for producer Prince Jammy in 1977.

A year after the trio’s groundbreaking debut, Don Carlos surprisingly decided to part company in pursuit of a solo career. Having needed at least three years to get the grips of being a soloist, plus developing a knack for songwriting and grooming that distinctive, vocal styling it wasn’t until May 1981 that Carlos really took the fraternity by storm, courtesy of a heavy, roots and culture flavored showcase album Suffering for Negus Roots. During the heydays of 80s Dancehall Reggae mania, Don made his impact with five top ten hits. He has built a staunch following over the years touring the live circuit-plus 12 solo albums there has been no turning back.

In 2015, Don Carlos reconnected with Christos to release “Righteous Chant” (Honest Music), a tune that began with a 4-track instrumental that Christos played for Don while touring with him back in 1997. Christos had been producing an album that featured various artists from Jamaica that was never made public. The song performed well at iTunes Reggae Hot Charts and garnered over 100,000 spins at Spotify, along with a video that received major airplay worldwide.

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