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Born in the northern suburbs of Paris, the group SAMSKARA has only one goal, to take you on a musical journey, one full of good vibes, mixing Ska, Dub and even Rock. Samskara finds its roots in their favorite music genre; Reggae-Roots. Their brass sections has a sound that is ‘peplumèsques’ or sometimes Balkan or oriental. That sound is accompanied by an eclectic guitar belting out skank and distortion as a flow of lyrics can be felt by the explosive M-Syla. It’s on stage that you have to see Samskara, as its energy is infectious!

From 2013 and 2018, Samskara has shared the stage with big names like, Israel Vibration & The Roots Radics, Gladiators, Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah, MoKalamity, SkarraMucci, Protoje & The Indiggnation, Danaki, Pierpoljak, Perfect Giddimani, Tryo, Mister Gang, Emji, Inna Modja, Sly Johnson, and Rocé to name a few.

In 2014, Samskara released their first self-production (Samsk’Asso prod.), ‘Getting Au Vert’.

Flashforward to October 2019 and Samskara is back with a highly-anticipated release.


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Release Date: October 26, 2019
Label: Samskara
Copyright: 2019 Samskara
Total Length:
Total Tracks: 15
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

On October 26, 2019, Samskara will release their brand new album entitled, ‘Ensemble’ (Together), on all digital platforms including iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google play.

The album will feature 15 new tracks, half in French, half in English, taking us back to the Roots.

One featured track include ‘Gone too soon’ (feat. Zhakee and his loss brother Little Ced). On another track, ‘Respect’ (Gathering Tribute Version), a special extended recut version is dedicated to the founders of Reggae Music. Other talented artists featured on the album include RawB, IfI, Imanytree, Don Camilo and many more.

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