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Rain Walk

Photography by: Jahroen Adriaansen

With their authentic formula – jazz musicians in a Jamaican context – the Belgian orchestra comes up with a second full album.

The combination of serious musicianship, ingenious compositions, 100% analog recording – just as in Jamaica of the 60s – and an iconic album cover, suggest the timeless character of this record.

Frontman/guitarist Wouter Rosseel (Pura Vida, Kenji Minogue, Lee Scratch Perry, The Congos) and producer Tom Callens (Lester’s Blues, Lady Linn, Tiny Legs Tim, Little Dots) teamed up and created an album that sounds gentle, dynamic and tangible and is dominated by an overall feeling of goodness.

Rain Walk

IRIE™ | Jamaican Jazz Orchestra - Rain Walk

Release Date: September 5, 2019
Label: Zephyrus Records
Copyright: 2019 Zephyrus Records
Total Length: 44:14
Total Tracks: 10
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

It is no surprise that the album title ‘Rain Walk’ refers to the positive message that even when it rains – in your mind or literally – you can always defy it, simply by moving on.

The sole vocal track on the album entitled ‘Morning Girl’ features female singer Helena Casella (BR/BE). Her voice gives a young and innocent, even urban and poppy feel to the track that was previously released as a single. The lyrics are provided by Helena’s uncle Pablo Casella (Sarah Ferri, Little Dots).

On stage, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra is known for their party-in-style, able to amuse any crowd.

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