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Brighter Days

Combining reggae-groove with rock hooks and melodies, Bay Area group, Ridgway, have been taking their act along the West Coast over the last four years.

What started as three friends playing open mic nights and house parties has grown into a raucous five-piece band that never fails to put on a thrilling show.

In 2016, the band put together their first full-length album entitled ‘Brighter Days’, and received critical acclaim. Ridgway would be awarded “2016 Reggae Band of the Year” by the Bohemian newspaper upon return from their northwest tour.

Inspired by bands such as Sublime, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Expendables, and Passafire the quintet takes pride in their music’s originality, and its ability to span several genres: reggae, rock, hip-hop, metal, and pop.

The group’s true light shines on stage, where they encourage fans to come out with the intent to dance and the willingness to rock out.

“We take great pride in writing and performing original songs,” lead guitarist, Jack Buzian says. “Much like the band itself, our music has collaboratively and organically evolved over time. We began with the idea of forming a simple reggae band but, given our different backgrounds and musical influences, we incorporated many genres of music: rock, reggae, hip-hop, tasteful metal and pop.”