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Sheldon Senior


Sheldon Senior and Kahinga Records release another power packed track, ‘Tekova’, filled with motivation, inspiration and positively uplifting messages.

‘Tekova’ is a heavy mix of Jamaican Dancehall fused with Afro-Beat from the mother land and a little bit of European techno that all blend together into a punching rhythm and hypnotic vibe. The rhythm started out in the United Kingdom and made its way to Jamaica, then to Amsterdam before returning to the UK for mixing and mastering, thus making it a truly universal song.

Lyrics like “This is the truth, dem can’t stop you, dem can’t stop me, dem can’t stop we” show both the inclusive nature of the song and Senior’s lyrical reach in utilizing simple words to represent complex human emotions.

Senior told us, “It’s a song that speaks to motivating and inspiring people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. It cuts across social and cultural differences”. When asked what’s next, Senior replied, “It’s all about promoting this new single and getting the people familiar with Sheldon Senior before I release my first full length album in early 2017”.

Sheldon Senior is a fresh dynamic artist who is certainly making his presence felt on the Reggae Music scene with an assured future in the global music industry. This extraordinary singer/songwriter is responsible for creating a number of deeply meaningful and thought-provoking songs that have truly captured the essence of a thriving artist capable of achieving world-wide acclaim.