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Meet Wagner Bagão… a musician, producer, DJ and sound engineer. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, he spent much of his life dedicating himself to sound engineering in concerts and music production in the studio. But as a producer, he felt the need to explore his creative side so he started to compose using a laptop and various softwares of digital production. From his experiences with Reggae, Jamaican Dub, Hip Hop´s urban culture and Brazilian music, he came up with the project Dubalizer which presents nuances, sound trips with psychedelic textures, dancing beats and heavy bass.

‘Revolução Amplificada’ is the name of Dubalizer’s latest mixtape. This mixtape includes songs which aims to elevate the collective consciousness through sonority, reflecting a great variety of styles, ideas and collaborations with many singers and instrumentalists. The idea behind the mixtape is to revolutionize the urban language by means of a sound where reggae and dub merge with other styles and are amplified and driven by the ‘Sound Systems’. There are 21 songs featuring lyrics that deal with topics such as black woman empowerment; spiritual enlightenment through meditation allied with the practice of attitudes that propagate and bring peace from inside to outside; the liberation of Palestine; and the union between the social classes which are some of the strong, important and current themes that are discussed within this new mixtape. Dubalizer and his partners go beyond the norm that permeates Brazilian popular music and show us a conscious fun but without moralism or dogma, so important nowadays and with no social, racial or gender segregation.

Dubalizer has toured with bands Nação Zumbi, Marcelo Yuka, Ponto de Equilíbrio, Leões de Israel, SOJA (USA), Groundation (USA), Abssynians (Jam), Don Carlos (Jam),Clinton Fearon (JAM) & Tribo de Jah (BRA).

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