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Nick Sefakis

Nick Sefakis meets Elliot Martin

Nick Sefakis is known for his role as guitarist and vocalist as part of the reggae band Iya Terra.

Nick joined Iya Terra in 2014 and, as they gained popularity, he quickly became known as a unique presence in the modern reggae world with his powerful voice and tasty guitar arrangements.

He also honed in on his skills as a multi-instrumentalist in the production realm, as he has self-produced all his works thus far.

The year 2020 has been rough for most of the world; however, Nick Sefakis has managed to keep himself busy with his love, roots reggae music.

Nick Sefakis meets Elliot Martin

IRIE™ | Nick Sefakis - Nick Sefakis meets Elliot Martin

Release Date: December 3, 2020
Copyright: 2020 Nick Sefakis
Total Length: 23:03
Total Tracks: 6
Format: EP
Genre: Reggae

On February 20, 2020, Nick Sefakis released his first full-length album as a solo-artist titled ‘Foundation.’ The 10-track release was two years in the making for this accomplished roots reggae artist. This ambitious release featured three unique song collaborations; ‘Lion Order’ featuring Elliot Martin of John Brown’s Body; ‘Don’t Want Conscious’ featuring Rik Jam from Kingston, Jamaica; and ‘Live Free’ featuring David Yun of Eureka Sound.

Nick followed up his debut album release with ‘Foundation in Dub’ on August 6, 2020.

His latest music project is the EP titled ‘Nick Sefakis meets Elliot Martin,’ featuring six solid roots reggae tracks. The EP is simply IRIE, and the chemistry between Nick Sefakis and Elliot Martin makes you crave more. Simply put, ‘Nick Sefakis meets Elliot Martin’ is proof that Nick Sefakis is not only a wordsmith but a serious roots-reggae musician on a mission to uplift us all with his music in our time of need. Respect!

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