IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROOTS - Duppy Conqueror
Roots, 2021, January 2021

ROOTS | Duppy Conqueror

Dread & Alive Duppy Conqueror On February 6, 2021, ZOOLOOK will officially release the long-awaited Dread & Alive: Duppy Conqueror, a one-shot comic book issue to the masses. Originally written as a short story, the one-shot comic book chronicles Philip’s life as a Duppy Conqueror. A direct descendant of the Jamaican Maroons, Philip’s lineage traces […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | REGGAE - Mad Professor
Reggae, 2021, January 2021

REGGAE | Mad Professor

Mad Professor 40 years of Dub Photography by: Richard Aldred By Nicholas Da Silva aka ZOOLOOK So, just how sane is the Mad Professor? On the content of his character and the results of his recordings, he is one of the sanest record producers. To understand the sanity of Mad Professor, we have to go […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | REMIX - Dubmatix
Remix, 2021, January 2021

REMIX | Dubmatix

Dubmatix War, Peace & Dub featuring Rasta Reuben (2021) IRIE is proud to welcome back our family member, Dubmatix, the award-winning Canadian composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and seven-time JUNO Award winner and nominee. The Toronto-born Dubmatix is a recording machine. From his debut release Champion Sound Clash in 2004, Dubmatix has produced and recorded over 500 […]