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Nga Han &The Hi-Flyers


Meet Nga Han & The Hi Flyers… Nga Han is a true roots revivalist born in St. Ann, in the Green Hill district of Jamaica. Inspired by stories such as Canterbury Tales, his love for writing poetry from a young age translated into songwriting.

Kingston Echo is a Belgian producer who has been in love with Jamaican music ever since he was a kid. This music project is the result of toying about with the recording gear he had gathered to record his bands with. In Kingston Echo’s words, “I’ve tried to stay true to the raw feel of the vintage Jamaican recordings I love so much. This means that these recordings are fully analog and far from perfect. I have tried to put as much heart in there as I could, though.”

Nga Han &The Hi-Flyers

IRIE™ | Nga Han & The Hi-Flyers - Emergence

Release Date: October 19, 2020
Copyright: 2020 Nga Han & The Hi​-​Flyers
Total Length: 34:21
Total Tracks: 8
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

Their album, ‘Emergence’, was made the old fashioned way in more than one respect. It was the result of Nga Han living with Kingston Echo for three months during the summer of 2019.  After initially collaborating on the single ‘Way Out’, they both liked the result so much that plans for a full-length album were made. Kingston Echo and Nga Han performed at Reggae Geel 2019 together, which is Europe’s oldest (and one of the biggest) reggae festival.

Subsequently, work on the ‘Emergence’ album started with the in-house studio band ‘The Hi-Flyers’. This record was the result of the producer, musicians, and singer spending lots of time together hanging out, sharing dinner, jamming, reasoning, joking, and writing. This obviously results in a completely different vibe than the long-distance way a lot of collaborations take shape nowadays. Often, you have producers and musicians building riddims and vocalists sending in their vocals by email, in some cases without ever meeting each other.

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